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An Uptoday and analysis of political events in Puerto Rico. Why, after 107 years of American precense in Puerto Rico we are not a state of the Union and we are not a Bilingual Society?.

Monday, November 07, 2005

N-M-Estadista, Inc.

Last Up date = April 17, 2007 1030 Hrs

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1. Introduction
4.Newspaper articles 
. . . .a. Plots by Politicians October 24, 1994
. . . .b. Statehooders who talk like Independentistas (December 17, 1995)
. . . .c. Low priorities for the NPP (April 11, 1996)
. . . .d. Anti-Statehood Victory (June 20, 1996)
. . . .e. Puerto Rican Identity (December 18, 1996)

5. Bilingual Society Store
6. Past Activities
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1. . . The New Statehood Movement was created in April 2002 to promote love and respect for our American Flag and badly needed knowledge and information of our American Institutions and the English language.
. . . We should see Puerto Rico in a similar way as "The Ugly Dockling" fairy tale which, with the pass of the time, transformed itself in a beautiful Swam. At this moment Puerto Rico is an island surrounded with ignorance by all sides.
. . . The pro-independence, anti-american and anti-English movement has penetrated the pro-Commonwealth Popular Democratic Party and the supposedly pro-statehood New Progressive party at all levels and are dictating or at least influencing in the every day decision making of the two main parties.
. . . The three political parties in Puerto Rico has a tight and complete control of the Puerto Rican society and a "the facto" monopoly of all electoral processes. The three share equal authority in the State Electoral Commission making democracy to works in acceptable terms between them because each one check upon each other. The NPP is the only one that provides some degree of democracy inside its party. The PPD provides esporadic and isolated democratic actions to choose some of their candidates and the Pro-Independence party never allow their followers to choose any officer in their organization. They reelect and reelect themselves year after year.
Jose Julio Diaz: 787-513-3315,

SABANA SECA AMBUSH: December 3,1979
Unsolved crime #1. After 35 year, nobody, was accused or processed for this crime. Politicians, Newspeople, Historians, almost everybody forgot what happened that day. This attack was an attack to our liberties and standard of leavin.

The school bus journey started at 7:18 AM with sixteen sailors aboard in its daily trip to a Radar Site about just three miles away. In the almost deserted, narrow and winding country road, one man in a Pick-up truck placed himself in front of the bus in order to "slow" the speed of the Navy vehicle.

Three others, in a Van, placed themself beside the bus and, after openning the side door, Juan Segarra Palmer (was in Jail for others reasons and was awarded presidential pardon by Bill Clinton) and Filiberto Ojeda (actually death) opened fire with powerful assault weapons. The first think the sailors did was hit the floor, but the shooters kept firing at the floor level. The AK-17 powerfull bullets passed the side thin metal of the bus with no resistance at all. Almost all of the victims received their wounds while they were laying on the bus floor.

Killed in the line of Duty:
01. Emile E. White, Saint Thomas, VI
02. John R. Ball, Madison Wisconsin
03. Cynthia C. Edwards
04. Debra J. Whitehurst
05. Sandra L. Seaton
06. Monique A. Ritter
07. Dottie A. Allen
08. Bradley D. Clark
09. Joseph R. Key
10. Allen Bush
11. Richard D. Sauter
12. Warren Smith
Other personnel in the bus:
13. Drusilla Penderghest
14. Clifton Looney
15. Robert Minnick
16. Gilbert Zuback ll
17. Kenneth Toman
Bus Driver:
18. ? ? ?
We will like to know the ages and home towns of these young men and women that served our country in time of peace even if they did not know they were at war. If you have any information please write to:

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2. N E X T. . . . . .A C T I V I T I E S

Friday March 9, 2007 / Jacinto Gutierrez Memorial ceremony

Time : 10 AM
Place : Barboza Ave. (behind UPR)
Activity: 6th Memorial activity to remember the riots at the University of Puerto Rico on March 11, 1971.
That day, ROTC cadet Jacinto Gutierrez,19, was killed. Also Police officers Lt Col. Juan Birino Mercado and Miguel Rosario Rondon. and also eight (8) other policemen were wounded plus docens of other civilians/students more. Nobody were processed by this crime. For more than 30 years this has been completely forgotten. This could not happen anymore.

2. . .PAST. . . . . .A C T I V I T I E S

Time : 12:00 PM (Noon)
Place : Main Gate PR Air National Guard
Anniversary of the PR Air National Guard Attack at PRANG Main gate at the Cargo area of the Airport on January 12, 1981. (No one was accused for this crime).

Sunday December 3, 2006

Time : 1 PM
Place : Sabana Seca former Navy base Main Gate
Activity : Aniversary of the Sabana Seca Navy Bus ambush in 1979.

Sunday November 5, 2006 / MOCK ELECTIONS

Time : 10 AM - 5 PM
Place : Capitol of PR (South side)
Activity: Mock Elections of US Mid-Term Elections
A Mock elections as it would be done if Puerto Rico would be a state of the Union with six Congresspeople and two US Senators.

Time : 10 AM
Place : San Agustin ST. Puerta de Tierra. (close to Popular Democratic Party HQs.)
Ambush of Navy personnel in April 22, 2002 at the San Agustin St. were three received head fractures and four knife wounds.
No one was accused for this ambush. The police, the media, and politicians label this attack as "unfurtunatelly and isolated event".

TIME : 10 AM
PLACE : Cond Kings Court, McLeary Street
A corporate Lawyer Killed in front of his Kings Court condominio at McLeary Street, Condado. His wife Marlene jumped from the condo's roof three months later. Three Teamsters union members were accused and founded "not culpty"

Massacre at "LOD" airport (1973) Tel Aviv, Israel, were three japanes citizens belonging to "The Red Brigades", opened fire with automatic rifles to all present at the Airport. A group of 120 pilgrims from Puerto Rico ended with 17 killed and over sixty wounded. The toll of the terrorists were, two killed and one arrested. He latter said they did it in "Solidarity with other Countries"

JUNE 18, 2006
Time : 10 AM
Place : Lomita de los Vientos (North side of Capitol Building)
Aniversary (June 18, 2001) of the Lomita de los Vientos attack were five statehooders were badly hurted by rocks right in front of the very eyes of a Riot police Squad. The police, under chief Pier Vivoni, that was present there, allowed this to happen and nobody were arrested.

T.H.U.R.S.D.A.Y . . . J. U. N. E . . .22, . . . . .2006

Time : 10 AM
Place : Puente Dos Hermanos (Front of Sizzler Rest. and San Juan Yatch Club), Bridges crosses from Miramar to Old San Juan and Condado sectors.
Aniversary of the attack in June 22, 1976 of four uniformed Navy personnel at Puente Dos Hermanos, (Miramar sector) were one seaman was killed and three were wounded from a by-passing car. (No one was accused for this crime).




Here is Fernando Martin, General Secretary of the "supposely Democratic" pro Independence party with Fidel Castro in June 2001.
The pro independence organizations are not different groups isolated from each other with different goals. The are one and only one were one of them play first base, other play second and others move to different positons depending on the circunstances and conveniences of the moment.

They are controlling "the Facto" the Popular Democratic party and are in important leadership positions inside the New Progresive party in the persons of Sen. Norma Burgos and Toa Baja mayor Anibal Vega Borges.


Note:Copy and paste this articles. They reflect the hidden reasons why Puerto Rico, after 107 years, is not a state of the union. "You can fool all the people some of the time and you can fool some . . . . ."
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a. The San Juan Star- Readers’ Viewpoint- October 24,1994
Plots By Politicians
. . . Political parties in Puerto Rico are always in a never ending battle against each other. But some times they find common grounds and get together as good little brothers. In 1948 Puerto Ricans elected a governor for the first time.
. . . Immediately the use of English as a language of instruction was prohibited in the public school system. Since then, teachers in Puerto Rico can teach English but they can’t teach “in English”.
There was no significant opposition from the local pro-statehood Republican Party at the moment.
. . . This 46 year-old political plot of the three political parties has been a discriminatory policy against the use of the English language in the public school system and it is still in effect today. There shall be no law under the American Flag that prohibits an American Citizen from receiving education in the English language.
. . . This policy does not affect private schools where 99% of high ranking government officials and legislators send their children to receive the education that they deny to the rest of the people of Puerto Rico.
. . . Another political plot concerns the U.S. Navy. The politicians of the three political parties have been making a political issue of this situation. They are making a simple mathematical equation; “getting the Navy out equals votes from Vieques residents equals good will for the party from the rest of the population. “In the political spectrum of local politics everything seems to be more important than national defense.
. . . They are not asking for the closing of the army post Fort Buchanan in San Juan or the Navy Base at Roosevelt Roads or the closure of the many National Guard units in Puerto Rico because they produce thousand of jobs and inject millions of dollars into the economy.
. . . Unfortunately, that is not the case for Vieques which is only a firing range. Because it does not produce jobs or money they should get out. What kind of American citizens are we?
. . . The return of 8,000 acres will definitely improve the economy of the island but not in the way and magnitude that the parties are trying to demonstrate. The rhetorical strategy is to blame the Navy for all the problems of Vieques. They are giving the impression that if the Navy goes, Vieques will become a paradise. People like to hear this kind of thing.
. . . We need to remember 15 years ago when the use of Culebra Island was a political issue promoted by nationalist forces. There were many demonstrations, marches, pickets, newspaper articles, speeches and all kinds of rhetoric to get the Navy out. Fifteen years later the Island of Culebra is not the paradise that it was supposed to be. Only on weekends does it receive some visitors, but never more than before. Only a few more people live on the island and a lot more garbage is produced.
. . . More than that, politicians and hundreds of followers do not visit Culebra because there is no excuse to go there. Now they go to Vieques and spend all their money there. If the Navy gives the land to the municipality, Vieques will lost its main tourism attraction in the same way Culebra did; politicians will not visit the Island anymore.
. . . The giveaway of those 8,000 acres of land will cause a lot more ecological damage to the environment in civilian hands than in military hands. If the commonwealth and the big cities of Puerto Rico with huge budgets can not handle their environmental affairs, why should we believe the the small municipality of Vieques will do it? Irreversible ecological damage will be done if the land is given to civilians. Jose Julio Diaz, Carolina

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December 17, 1995 San Juan Star Readers' Viewpoint Page 95
. . . Our speaker of the House of Representatives and candidate for mayor of
San Juan is promoting the celebration of the Puerto Rican flag day. Something that pleases Independentistas a lot.
. . . The same speaker, together with many other New Progresive Party legislators, promotes the exclusion of Puerto Rico from the Jones act, which forces all states to use American flag ships between U.S. ports. If this is achieved, Independentistas will be very happy.
. . . The Speaker and many others also "recognized" that political prisioners do exist in U.S. jails. This has been a lie repeated so many times that even the speaker ended by believing it.
. . . Pro-Independence advocates were euphoric when NPP legislators, in August 1991, together with Populares and Independentistas voted in favor of a law that legalized what had been public policy of the Education Department since 1948, the prohibition of the "use" of the English language to teach in the public School System of Puerto Rico.
. . . I never have see an independentista doing anything to take Puerto Rico closer to the United States, but I have seen many times self-called statehooders who act and speak like independentistas by promoting Puerto Rican nationalism, as "Cucusa" Hernandez is doing now.
. . . I don't understand how the NPP will bring statehood to Puerto Rico by promoting pro-independence ideas. If the speaker believes statehood votes are already in the bag she is dead wrong. Puerto Rican nationalism is statehood's worst enemy and any person who really wants statehood should not vote in favor of a person who uses statehood votes to promote anti-statehood ideas.
Jose Julio Diaz, Carolina

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The San Juan Star-Readers' Viewpoint-Thursday April 11, 1996

. . . The pro-Statehood New Progressive Party willl have a big party on April 12. The cost of the entrance will be $250. per person. It probably will be a nice and well organized activity.
. . . Only two things will not happen at the activity. Our national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, won’t be sung and none of the musicians performing that night will play a single song in English.
. . . These two things, the “use” of the English language and the “love” for the U.S. have very low priorities in the NPP agenda. Maybe they have no priority at all.
Jose Julio Diaz, Carolina

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The San Juan Star-Readers' Viewpoint-Thursday June 20, 1996

. . .This week the New Progressive Party will hold its annual convention at the Condado Convention Center. The convention will end Sunday, June 23, with a big assembly where the platform of the party will be presented for approval.
. . . A party platform is a list of promises the party makes to the people which will be carried out if the party is elected. The platform, once approved, compels all party members to abide by its content. If approved, a party member that does not openly agree with a part of it could be labeled as “against the party,” a “dissident” or even a “traitor.” In other words, the party is deciding right now how its legislators will vote next year, giving them absolutely no choice.
. . . Believe it or not, the platform that will be presented contains a 21-year old Puerto Rican Independence Party proposal to change our two-chamber legislative system into one chamber. If the party’s goal is achieved it will result in harmful and permanent damage to our democratic system of “checks and balances.”
. . . The pro-independence party supports this option for two reasons. First, it takes us another step away from the United States by making us “more different.”
. . . Second, and more important, it gives small but militant, vociferous and aggressive minorities such as labor unions, teachers associations and the pro-independence party itself, "more power to promote, stop, or at least modify legislative bills".
. . . If you ask somebody inside the NPP leadership he or she will tell you that it is only a proposal to “let the people decide” when in reality the people’s decision is already made. The people’s decision is based on the information they receive and Gov. Rosello has already invested a lot of time and effort for the last 18 months paving the way for this constitutional amendment.
. . . The rest of the NPP leadership, reluctantly, has agreed with the unicameral idea. Inside the NPP nobody dares to criticize the governor openly, even if his actions-once more- take us farther away from statehood.
. . . In summary, with all pro-independence advocates, half of the Popular Democratic Party and the NPP leadership in favor of unicameralism, there is no doubt Puerto Rico will have a unicameral legislature at the beginning of the new millenium if this proposal is introduced and approved Sunday at the NPP assembly. The enemies of statehood will be very happy.
Jose Julio Diaz, Carolina.

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The San Juan Star-Readers' Viewpoint-Wednesday, December 18, 1996
To: Alex W. Maldonado
. . . I want to congratulate you for your Dec. 15 article about the issue of Puerto Rican identity. It was a very informative and interesting writing. Although there are many ways to react to your article, I decided to be brief and simple.
. . . In your last paragraph you wrote:
. . . “Today Puerto Ricans of all parties and ideologies are much more aware of, and proud of, and determined to protect their cultural identity than ever before in this island’s history.”
. . . I would have rather finished the article with these other paragraphs:
. . . Today, the pro-statehood New Progressive leaders are the only ones that can act and talk as anti-Americans and can’t be accused of wanting separation from the United States.
The NPP politicians are aware that, as long as Puerto Rico is not a state, they have a monopoly on the statehood votes and they are determined to please the anti-American movement as much as they can.
. . . By keeping the rest of the people of Puerto Rico ignorant of foreign languages (English), Isolated from foreign cultures (American), and keeping a separate Olympic team (to play against the United States), they become the saviors and protectors of the language, culture and the Olympic sports of Puerto Rico,
. . . With this policy, the NPP swept the last elections and got many votes from PDP followers and pro-independence advocates; and Puerto Ricans (you, me and all of us) have become, de facto, parasites of the United States.
Jose Julio Diaz, Carolina
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Bilingual Society of PR USA

San Juan Squares Dance club
E Mail:

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. . . a. LEE GREENWOOD: 1.Pledge of Allegiance, 2.America, 3.God Bless . . . . . . the USA, 4.This Land is Your Land, 5.The Battle Hymn of the . . . . . . . . . . . Republic, 6.God Bless America, 7.Dixie, etc.
. . . b. ALAN JACKSON: 1.Summertimes Blues, 2.Livin' on Love, 3.Hole in . . . . . . the Wall, 4.Gone Country, 5.Thank God for the Radio, 6.You can't . . . . . . . Give Up on Love, 7. I Don't Even Know your Name, etc.
. . . c. BOBY CAPO: 1.Llorando me Dormi, 2.Triangulo, 3.Mi mejor . . . . . . . . . . . . Cancion, 4.Se Dejo Querer, 5.Jack, Jack Jackeline, 6.El Premio. . . . . . . . . . Mayor, 7.Mentirosa Conmigo, etc.
. . . d. JUAN MANUEL SERRAT: 1.Mediterraneo, 2.Aquellas Pequeñas . . . . . . . . Cosas, 3.La Mujer que yo Quiero, 4.Pueblo Blanco, 5.Tio Alberto, . . . . . . . . 6.Que Va a Ser de Ti, 7.Vagabundear, etc.

A compilation of writings that, together, will give you a better idea about what has been going on related with the anti-American and anti-English attitudes of the three main political parties in Puerto Rico.

A compilation of other writings about press conferences and depositions of the Bilingual Society and El Nuevo Movimiento Estadista. (many are in Spanish)

5. American Flags 3 x 5
1 or 02 = $5.00 Ea
3 to 05 = $4.50 Ea
6 to 10 = $4.00 Ea
11. .+ . . = $3.50 Ea

Road Island Novelty

. . . 2. The political world is a never ending no rest, constant and eternal struggle. For Donations for this site to help us in the many battles we are at the present and we will be involved in the future, send check to "Bilingual Society of PR Inc." P.O. Box 4708 Carolina, PR USA 00984 with the word "Donation".

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Time : 1:30 PM
Place : Main Gate of former Sabana Seca Navy Base
Aniversary of the Sabana Seca Navy bus ambush in 1979. (Emile White, from US Virgin Island and John Ball from Madison, Wisconsin) were killed and 10 others wounded). Thanks to Pete Garcia, Marilyn, Libertad Paterson, Eugenio Vicente, Cristobal Berrios, Jose Julio Diaz, Pedro Varilla, Pedro Rivera, Ramon Garcia y Rolando Cruz Pino for help us in this memorial ceremony.

Time: 10:30 AM - 5 PM
Place: NPP HQs at Roosevelt Ave.
Activity: Statehood seminar (free seminar)
Different speakers that will talk about:
a. Important points in the Puerto Rico political scene
b. Terrorist acts by the "left" in Puerto Rico
c. Misconceptions and Political Activism
d. Other subjects about Puerto Rico and US relationship

Time: 10 AM
Place: Antonio R. Barcelo basketball court, Levitown, Toa Baja (Right in front of City Hall).
Election of the female NPP Vice-President.
NOTE.1: Dr. Miriam Ramirez is our candidate for this election.
NOTE.2: 1. Dr. Miriam Ramires = 854 votes,
. . . . . . . . 2. Jennifer Gonzalez. . = 360 votes,
. . . . . . . . 3. Lourdes Ramos. . . . = 316 Votes

Time : 6:30 PM
Place : Capitol of PR
Subject :
1. The Kristallnacht night November 9, 1938. When Nazis roamed Germany streets destroying Jews bussineses, Jews houses and even Jews cemeteries. It was the beggining of the Holocaust.

2. Conmemoration of LOD Masacre (30 May 1972) A group of 120 Puerto Rican pilgrims were attacked in the Tel Avid airport by three Japanes terrorists resulting in 16 deaths and 68 wounded. Puero Rican politicians and the media has been forgetting this attack for more than 30 years.
Puerto Rico residents killed that day:
01. Carmelo Calderon RIP
02. Carmen E. Crespo RIP
03. Virgen Flores RIP
04. Esther Gonzalez RIP
05. Blanca Gonzalez de Perez RIP
06. Carmen Guzman RIP
07. Eugenio Lopez RIP
08. Enrique Martinez Rivera RIP
09. Vasty Zila Morales de Vega RIP
10. Angel Berganzo RIP
11. Jose M. Otero Adorno RIP
12. Antonio Pacheco RIP
13. Juan Padilla RIP
14. Consorcia Rodriguez RIP
15. Jose A. Rodriguez RIP
16. Antonio Rodriguez Morales RIP
NOTE: We need more information about the "date of birth", hobbies, "skills", "way of living" etc,of these people and also from the other 68 people wounded and residents of Puerto Rico. Please call 787.646.1650 or write
TUESDAY November 8, 2005
Time : 6:00 PM
Place : Sheraton Hotel/(Across Pier #2) Old San Juan
Subject : Demonstration in favor of the Presidential Vote for Puerto Ricans to 1st circut Court Judges of Boston, doing some work in Puerto Rico.
Time : 10 AM
Place : Plaza Las America's traffic light
Fundraising for the NPP NOTE: The activity yielded $236.35


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H.T.M.L. . . .T E S T I N G A R E A .


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